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Terms & Conditions

1. By making a booking with (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) it is deemed to have accepted these terms.

2. You agree:

  • 2.1. All the information that you have provided to us prior to, during, or after using our service is correct and accurate. This includes but not limited to online booking, email, or telephone bookings. (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) may update or correct any information at any time, as appropriate for the provision of reliable and quality service.

  • 2.2. Your use of (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) services grants no intellectual rights.

  • 2.3. You will not use the (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) Services for unauthorized or unlawful purposes and/or impair the proper operation of the (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) services.

  • 2.4. You will not access or attempt to access any data that is not directly relevant to the services you have opted for as determined by (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD), including and not limited to the data of other (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) users.

  • 2.5. To refrain from doing anything which we reasonably believe to be disreputable or capable of damaging our reputation.

  • 2.6. To make payment in full for any ride you take, or book on behalf of another party, and/or in respect of using any (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) services provided to you.

  • 2.7. To treat all (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) drivers with respect as they are obliged to treat you and not cause damage to their vehicle nor engage in any unlawful, threatening or abusive behavior. Any damage caused will result in the relevant charges to cover the damage.

  • 2.8. Not to possess any material that is deemed to be illegal or hazardous, or is generally prohibited by law, at all times during your participation in any of the (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) services.

3. Charges and Payment:

  • 3.1. If you choose to pay for a ride via payment card, the relevant fare will be charged upfront and you agree that (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) will debit your account for the amount shown for the relevant booking.

  • 3.2. You agree that we may undertake relevant authorisation checks on any payment details you have provided to us.
    Note: for security reasons, payment details including card numbers will not be stored in our system, instead, we use the payment card tokens (internal identifiers) generated by the secure payment provider to process subsequent payments if and when you choose to use the same payment option for multiple rides in (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD)

  • 3.3. Cancellation:
    • If you cancel the ride before 24 hours from the ride start time, then we will not charge you.
    • If you cancel a ride between 24 and 6 hours from the ride start time, then we will charge 25% of the ride fare as a cancellation charge.
    • If you cancel the trip within 6 hours or abort a ride that is in progress, you are liable for the full cost of the ride and you are not entitled to any refunds.
    • All charges quoted are per vehicle.

4. Extra Charges & Fees:

  • 4.1. We will charge you anywhere between 250-500 rupees if the vehicle requires cleaning or restoration due to any customer incidents during or after the ride. Typically these incidents may include but are not limited to spillage of drinks, vomiting, unexpected urination, or any such events that result in the vehicle not being operable and/or not being able to provide a safe and pleasant ride to another customer.

  • 4.2. We will charge you at cost plus any overhead incurred, for any damage caused by you or your fellow riders to the vehicle or any property belonging to the driver or (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD). This may include but is not limited to the breaking of windows, damage of interior or exterior in any shape or manner.

  • 4.3. All charges that have been quoted are based upon the information given at the time of booking.

5. Charges are subject to change if:

  • 5.1. The number of passengers or luggage is more at the time of the start of the ride than what was indicated at the time of booking.

  • 5.2. The ride requires diversions from the route that was originally requested at the time of booking or if passengers have to be picked up or dropped off at various points in the ride.

  • 5.3. Waiting time for a non-airport pick up is 15 minutes free, charges apply for additional time.

6. Airport Trip:

  • 6.1. All pickups from Airports will have additional charges than outgoing. This for the driver to meet you inside the airport including 60 minutes of the car park.

  • 6.2. You will be liable to pay any additional parking charges incurred if more than 60 minutes.

  • 6.3. Your driver will meet you inside the airport terminal’s arrival hall. Just so you know, one hour of waiting time (from your flight’s arrival) is included in the charge. After this period, waiting charges will apply(100rs per hour). It is important that you let the driver know of any delays in your arrival, especially if you foresee a delay beyond an hour after landing. A quick call to your driver will avoid any confusion and ensure a smooth experience.

  • 6.5. All flights are monitored by our team on the official relevant website of the Airport, therefore if a passenger does not board their flight, then our control room must be notified via email or telephone. This must be done two hours prior to the booking time and failure to do so will incur the full booking fare.

  • 6.6. Flight landing time will only be accepted from the official airport website.

  • 6.7. Passengers are instructed not to leave the airport without informing our office as this will be regarded as a Cancellation without Prior notice and result in a full fare charge.

  • 6.8. If you have asked us to pick you up after one hour from the flight’s landing time, we will offer only 15 minutes of free waiting time. After this period waiting charges will apply.

  • 6.9. (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) drivers do not accept any liability for loss or damage to passengers’ belongings. Passengers are advised to load and unload their own belongings.

  • 7. We reserve the right to refuse any passenger our services due to passengers having excess luggage which would result in the vehicle being unsafe on the road.

7. Waiting charges:

  • 7.1. The charges quoted for airport pick up include 60-minute free waiting time after the flight landing time.

  • 7.2. After the free 60-minute waiting time, the relevant waiting charges will apply.

  • 7.3. Currently:
    • (A) Standard car: 100rs for one hour

  • 7.4. (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) shall use all reasonable endeavors to get you to your destination on time, but shall not be liable for any loss due to delays caused by road traffic conditions beyond its control on the ride. Under no circumstances shall (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) be liable (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss of profits, business or for any indirect or consequential loss.

8. Promotions:

  • 8.1. From time to time, (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) may create promotions offering voucher codes that may be redeemed for a discount when using our services. These promotions can be removed at any time when Cabzs  wishes. You agree to the individual terms and conditions of that promotion and understand that; the promotion code cannot be sold or transferred in any other manner, redeemed for cash, may expire prior to use, and maybe limited for one-time use only. (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) reserves the right to remove any voucher code if it is determined that the redemption of the voucher code was done in error or violation of the applicable terms and conditions. All decisions taken by (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) in this matter are deemed final.

9. General:

  • 9.1. A booking can only be amended or canceled by contacting us via telephone or email.

  • 9.2. Illustrations, photographs and descriptions on the website, brochures, charge lists or documents serve merely as an indicative guide and will not be binding.

  • 9.3. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our service. We may amend these Terms from time to time to reflect changes to (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) in which case, we will give you reasonable notice of any changes to these Terms.

10. Lost property:

  • 10.1. As part of the Booking Services, (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) will use reasonable endeavors to assist the passenger with any lost property inquiries that they may have in relation to a given Booking.

  • 10.2. If any item(s) of lost property is returned to the (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) main office, we will hold such item(s) for a period of 6 months. If you wish to collect any item(s) of lost property, you must (within that time and during normal business hours) bring such evidence of identity as (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) deems appropriate for the purposes of identifying you as the relevant owner of the item(s).

11. Right to refusal:

  • 11.1. (DOL WHOLESALE HOLIDAYS PVT LTD) reserves the right to refuse to carry any persons or objects that the driver deems to be likely to cause his or her vehicle harm or damage in whatsoever form. The judgment of the driver will be final.

12. Queries:

  • 12.1. All queries are to be raised in writing before 24 hours of the ride time.